Guiding adventures since 1976

Since 1976 Fjälläventyr has helped people to get more out of life through adventure, animals, nature, meeting likeminded people and trying something for the first time. This has always been our largest passion. We are based in Sälen, branch out to most parts of Europe and work all around the world.

Join our dogsled or snowmobile tours in Sälen, marvel at the fjords of Norway from your mountainbike or feel the freedom as you roam across the highlands with your home stowed away in your backpack.

All our adventures are guided by professional guides that will get you started with a new passion or take you to the next skill level. And we know the secret trails, the hidden beaches, the best restaurants in town and the most intense interaction with locals -everything to give you a better appreciation for the area you’re visiting.

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Find your zen on a rock


Join us for a guided hike through Fulufjället National park. Experience Swedens highest waterfall and the world’s oldest tree, and camp out in wilderness at night


Let us plan your company getaway in the Swedish outback

Did we take your picture?

If you were in one of our dogsledding tours in Sälen last winter, chances are we got you on photo. Photografer Leo Berndtson joined most of our tours and took thousands of pictures. You can find them and buy them here!

Rent your mountain bike in Sälen

Full suspensions, e-bikes or hard tails. Rent you bike here

Rent a husky

Get some company on your mountain trips!

Ice climbing in Sälen

Ice climbing is a great combination of exercise, technique and overcoming fears. And of course – there will be hot dogs and a fire!


The eager, happy, furry, noisy dogs are strong and determined while running, and social and curious when they rest. Their cries of joy and excitement just before the tour starts will immediately turn into a focused silence once the anchor line is pulled and the sleds are mobile. Only the sound of panting and the dogs paws running in the cold snow breaks the silence.


Lets us take you further than you can go with any other means of transport.

Across Fulufjället on skis

Experience calmness and storm, sunshine and blizzards on a three day “mini expedition” through Fulufjället National Park.

Three day tour on Fulufjället

We journey through the vast National Park of Fulufjället where you can find the highest frozen waterfall in Sweden and also the worlds oldest tree!


Go on a guided trip, get to know the adventures made possible by a light and portable packraft.


What do you give to someone that has everything? This gift card is valid for clothing and gear in the Nordic Adventure online store and irl, as well as for activities arranged by Fjälläventyr.

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In our store at Lindvallen and online you will find those special things that you might want more then you need..

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