Guiding adventures since 1976

Since 1976 Fjälläventyr has helped people to get more out of life through adventure, animals, nature, meeting likeminded people and trying something for the first time. This has always been our biggest passion. We are based in Sälen, branch out to most parts of Europe and work all around the world.

Join our dogsled or snowmobile tours in Sälen, marvel at the fjords of Norway from your mountainbike or let your heart pound while catching a wild trout in spectacular Slovenia.

All our adventures are guided by professional guides that will start you up or take you to the next level. On top of that we layer on the secret trails, hidden swimming holes, the best restaurants in town and interaction with locals -everything to give you a better appreciation for the area you’re visiting.

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Dog sledding trips in Sälen

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Snowmobile safari in Sälen

Tours with snowmobiles in Sälen

Ice climbing

Ice climbing is a sport where you quickly learn the basics to get started. And as with many other things, Sälen is a good place to start.

Daily tours with dogsleds

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