Where to find us

Our guides and adventures are usually on the mountains. The daily dog sled trips has its starting point on the other side of the road from Gammelgården, close to Högfjällshotellet & the snowmobile tours start just down the slope from Högfjällshotellet.

However we also have an office and an outdoor shop Nordic Adventure, which you can visit if you have more questions.

Dogsled start

For our daily trips the meeting point is between the hotel Gammelgården and Högfjällshotellet. You can park your car at the Restaurant Appetito, and walk the last 50 meters to the starting point located just by the road. If you go by foot from Högfjällshotellet, it is about 750 meters East along Route 66.

Position: 61°09’26.8″N 13°07’54.8″E

Snow mobile safari

For our daily trips the meeting point is at Högfjällshotellet. You can park your car at the lot by the hotell.

Office and store

You’ll find our store and office at Lindvallen, Fjällvägen 27.

Airport transfer

You can start your adventure and take a dog sled tour directly from the new Scandinavian Mountain Airport, to the Högfjällshotellet.

But if you would rather get there first before the adventure starts, it is no problem to book another transfer from the airport.

How far is it to Sälen?

Stockholm 420 km
Göteborg 490 km
Karlstad 240 km
Falun 190 km
Oslo 270 km
Gardermoen 230 km
Mora 100 km

Ski bus in the area

There is a ski bus between all Sälenfjällens facilities. To reach our store & office is the closest to get off at Vasabyn or Gustavtorget. Get off at Gammelgården bus stopp to reach the starting point for dog sledding.

Buss to Sälen

During the winter season there are direct buses from Stockholm and Gothenburg.
Fjällexpressen 08-727 90 35, 031-700 88 02 www.fjallexpressen.se

Invoice adress

Nya Fjälläventyr i Sälen AB
Fack-ID 8063
Box 3039
831 03 Östersund

Eller spara på miljön, skicka till 8063@faktura.scancloud.se

Delivery adress

Nya Fjälläventyr i Sälen AB
Fäbodvägen 10
780 91 Sälen

Map to Store and Office