Store and Office

Our office is located at Fäbodvägen 10, Lindvallen (se map at bottom of page). During winter our office ours are between 10 am and 5 pm. Summertime we are usually on the mountain, traveling with groups or doing other shenanigans and the store is closed if you haven’t made a reservation. We then refer to shopping online at or book our activities directly on our website, email or give us a call.

Find our starting points on maps on each product page.

Telefon: 0280 – 210 11


Delivery adress:

Our trips with dogsledding and snowmobile starts on the mountain. Only during summer our trips with fishing and biking starts from Lindvallen.

For delivery:

Fjälläventyr AB

Fäbodvägen 10

780 67 Sälen

Invoice adress

Lind Fjälläventyr AB

Fack 1825

Box 226

751 04 Uppsala

Map to store and office