Biathlon is conducted in winter but also in summertime as a run-biathlon. Here the competitors ski around a track and, depending on the discipline in which they compete, they shot 2 or 4 times. Half of the shootings are made lying down and half of them standing up. Each round, the shooter must hit 5 targets. If you miss you get either an added time to your finish or a penalty round.

The shooting takes place with a fine-caliber weapon, caliber 22, which means that the recoil is non-existent. The shooting is done against a self-marking metal target, with a shooting distance of 50 meters. The diameter of the self-marking target is 11.5 cm in portrait and 4.5 cm in the shooting position.

DifficultyEasy - Average
Time1 - 2 hours
Price per competition685 SEK/person
Participants20 - 200
GearSki cloths


Fastes skier or most even pace?


First you ski, then you shoot, ski, shoot....

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