Snowmobile safaris

Feel the speed as you ride through the snow in the highlands of Dalarna.

Our trips guide you up on the mountains and we make a shorter pause at the cosy cabins on the mountain where you can get a cup of hot chocolate or a waffle. We also arrange longer trips with a wide range of destinations.

Please contact us for planning your adventure, corporate trip or pre-wedding shenanigans.

To drive a snowmobile you need a drivings license (for a car)!

Our tours start daily and for best prices please make your reservation directly online!

Seasons DEC - APR
Groups Activities Only
DifficultyEasy - Intermediate,
Time1.5-3.5 hours
1,5 hours800 SEK/machine
2,5 hours1 200 SEK/machine
3,5 hours1 500 SEK/machine
Fullday1 950 SEK/machine
GearDress for a day in the slopes. Helmet with visir is provided. Also coveralls and boots if needed

Hämtning med hundspann från flygplatsen

Starta ditt äventyr direkt från flygplatsen


Isklättring - från nybörjare till äventyrspaket med boende


Skidskytte - roligt att medverka urkul att titta på


Vem är snabbast eller kan åka två lika åk?

Ice carting Grand Prix

Who is fastest on ice?

Bernie the smuggler

Spännande teambuilding som bygger på flera moment

Moose and wildlife safari

Moose and wildlife safari

The Black diamond husky tour

Exclusively for your group


Feel the speed as you ride through the snow in the highlands of Dalarna.

Kombinera skotersafari med isfiske

Ta skotern till en av fjällets fiskesjöar och pröva fiskelyckan