Scandinavian Highland Retreats

The common association of a retreat is getting unwired. For us, that is not the same thing as lying on a beach. Your mind is always on full speed and focused on both the past and the future. Getting a sense of being just where you are is a privilege for many adventurers. If you draw a circle on a map that would include an area reachable within an hour and a half from Sälen you will find limitless possibilities of activities, sports and beautiful nature. Swedens highest waterfall and vast National Parks, wildlife and sites like the worlds oldest tree. You can go rafting, mountain biking, climbing or hiking. You can also pick berries and mushrooms or learn more about surviving in nature, what to eat, how to make a fire and sleep under the stars. Sälen is a playground, you just need the tools to use it!

Scandinavian Highland Retreats is about cherry picking, getting back to nature and combining relaxation with learning about nature and sports focused on this beautiful environment.

By choosing us to help you, you won’t waste time finding these places. You will travel safe on the mountain and get all the know- how on new gear and instruction in new sports. But best of all – our trips attract likeminded adventurers that might become new traveling friends for life.




Checkin, meet & greet. We introduce you to the group and guides and walk you through the weekend. If you have chosen biking i.e. we will make sure that your gear is in check or if you rent, we will see that your rented gear fits.

Day 2

After breakfast we meet up for selected activity. Choose between mountain biking, bike park, fly fishing or berry (cloudberry/blueberry, lingonberry)/mushroom picking. We meet up at lunch. This meal is prepared over open fire and you will learn some basic skills of outdoor cooking.

After lunch we head out to the mountains with a couple hours hiking to a suitable base camp. Sometimes we reach spots wear a sauna can be accessible, so bring bathing suits. We prepare a dinner over open fire. The cooking is vital and here you will get a lot of hints on how to prepare a meal like a master chef.

Day 3

Half rested we get up from our tents and start preparing breakfast. This is a good time for some optional mountain yoga. After packing up the tents we start our hike back. On our way we prepare yet another outdoor lunch. At approximately 2-3 pm we checkin to civilization again and you can get a well deserved hot shower. At 6 pm we meet up again for our last supper which is prepared together, this time in our own kitchen.  Last night you will spend in a soft bed which will feel like being hugged by clouds.


Breakfast before

Book your and your friends spots online


Whats included?


We will supply all necessary gear for your weekend. We will also send you a packing list of what is necessary/helpful to bring.


Part in tent 1 night and part of room 2 nights.
Singleroom is optional but not included


2 breakfasts
2 lunches
2 meals

Transfer and Shuttling

We provide necessary transportations if/when needed

Experienced guides

We provide guides that has experince and knowledge of the area and also first aid trained.

Scenery and Sites

We visit Nationalparks, Sweden highest waterfall and the worlds oldest tree.

Q&A - get prepared

Why travel with Fjälläventyr?

We have experienced guides and instructors that will help you get the most out of your stay. But also our trips cherry picks the best out of our parts. Please inform us any interrests or special demands that you have that might give your trip added value.

How do I dress?

The mountain weather is really unreliable so make sure to always bring a water resistent shell. Multiple layers and always avoid cotton closest to your skin. A wind jacket is a lighter jacket that helps keep in warmth when windy. Try to bring high cut hiking boots or walking boots. An extra sweater in a back pack and don’t forget swimming suits. Shorts when it’s hot and hat and finger gloves when it’s not. Eyewear, sunscreen and repellent and you are good to go!

What to bring?

Please us an ordinary backpack, no smaller than 40 liters for mutual gear.

  • Extra underwear and socks
  • Eye protection for sun
  • Sunblock
  • Repellent
  • Flashlight or headlamp
  • Cutlery/deep plate(bowl)/cup
  • Knife
  • Swimwear
  • Boots for indoor
  • Hygien products and medicins
  • Sleeping bag, comfort -4 degrees c

For more equipment or clothing please go to

What if it's bad weather

We adjust the tour so even in bad weather you will get a good experience. We do not cancel our trip but may do some minor alterations.

Can minors join?

We welcome adolescense over 16 years in the care of an adult.


Well, to tell you the truth, you travel at own risk. That means that you might have to check your own accidental insurances and if you are traveling with a corporate group, check with your boss how you are covered.

We have travel warranty insurance with the colleagues of chambers