Dog sledding tours in Sweden

Dogsledding is an immensely popular activity in the Sälen Ski resort. We have been running dogs in the area since 1987 and it is still our greatest passion. It combines interaction with fantastic working dogs with a historical way of travelling silently across the snowclad highlands to areas where even snowmobiles are restricted.


The eager, happy, furry, noisy dogs are strong and determined while running, and social and curious when they rest. Their cries of joy and excitement just before the tour starts will immediately turn into a focused silence once the anchor line is pulled and the sleds are mobile. Only the sound of panting and the dogs paws running in the cold snow breaks the silence.

We have a lot of different available tours, if you also wish to customize your own group expedition, feel free to contact us at

Three day expedition to Fulufjället

Visit the worlds oldest tree or the biggest waterfall in Sweden at the Nationalpark of Fulufjället

Dog sledding in Sälen

Try out dog sledding our join our most popular tour in Sälen, where you get to drive your own team of dogs.

Pickup at the airport

Get picked up and dressed for adventure directly on arrival at Scandivanian Mountain Airport. The dogs are just outside.

2,5 h dogsledding trips

Ready to take your dogsledding to the next level? How do you build a winning team? Join this tour for more dogsledding knowledge and get some extra time on the break to enjoy a waffle on the mountain.

Rent a husky in Sälen

Rent one of our family friendly dogs for one of your hiking trips.

Visit our Dog park

Visit our dogs and see how they live

Make your reservations online

Book your tour by first choosing number of dogsleds. Each team can pull maximum 2 adults and 2 children (about 240 kg maximum weight of passengers). Then choose number of adults and children between 2-12 that is included in your party. Infants younger than 2 years, ride for free. Remember to protect them against the weather with an extra blanket. We don’t combine parties but reserve the right to alter each team so that they run evenly.

Cancelation insurance is optional but if you choose to ad it, please choose according to how many sleds you have booked, 1 sled=1 cancelation insurance.


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