Mini-expedition in the heartlands of Scandinavia

After many years of long trips, we have seen an increased interest among our guests to learn more about multi-day trips with accommodation in tents. Here, all the equipment we need is packed in our sleds and we manage our days according to what the weather and wind allow. We take advantage of the sunlight of the day and rest when it is dark, then there is a relaxation that feels ancient and completely natural.

The days begin with feeding, watering and “walking” the dogs. After that, breakfast is prepared. Then it’s time to take  down the camp, pack everything carefully and then strap in the dogs. Along our way, we build new kitchens with new views for every lunch and dinner.

This tour is aimed at those of you who are planning a longer winter expedition and want to get useful tips along the way or for those of you who have previously participated in a longer tour with us and now want a deeper wilderness experience far from noise and ski systems. A general rule is that the earlier in the season the tour starts, the tougher the conditions can be. Of course, we adapt the tour to the participants’ abilities and prevailing weather conditions.

The tour takes place in Sweden’s vast highland plateaus and mountain environments, under the right conditions the tour might take us over to Norway.

We live in tents and build new overnight camps along our route. On dog sleds, you like to drive two by two. It is a convenient way to be able to help each other with harnessing your dogs, during the actual drive and finally to feed your colleagues with whom you have created a very special bond after a full day. There is also the option of choosing your own sled.

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Expect to meet at the starting point around 10.00. Depending on the weather, the starting point may change and we may ask you to follow our caravan to find a good starting point for our tour. More about this will come in a separate email a few weeks before departure, where you will also receive a packing list for additions and make requests for food.

On site, we get to know the other travelers and take part in driving instructions, a brief history of dog sledding, some generally good tips for departure and itinerary. Then you get to meet the dogs. Together we assemble our teams and when the crescendo of the dogs’ howling has reached its climax, it is usually time to go. Expect long days on the sled and that all meals are eaten outdoors. Tonight’s overnight camp is determined by today’s performance and weather.

Day 2

As early as 06:00, dogs get breakfast and the sight of the sun rising can spur even the most morning-weary. This is part of the adventure and should not be missed. The fact that the dogs are at their cuddliest in the morning makes the decision to get up even easier. We prepare our own breakfast before tearing down our night camp and packing our sleds for the next day’s excursion.

Day 3

The day starts as day two. After three long days on the mountain, we head for a mountain station with a sauna and the possibility of an ice bath. The night is spent according to your own wishes in a tent or on more comfortable mattresses in the warmth of a gjötul stove.

Day 4

We start our day like the others and now both routines and the names of the dogs are in place. After a good breakfast, we set our sights on our starting point and the parking lot for the cars. Expect to be back around 1:00 p.m.



Accommodation according to agreement for 3 nights. We usually live in tents on this tour, but during the last night a mountain cabin and sauna can be arranged. Tent and sleeping bag are included in the trip – travel sheets are not included but can be ordered from us.

Food and beverage

All food and drinks from the morning of the day of arrival to lunch on the day of departure are included. Stronger drinks are not included

Tourist attractions

We will stay in various national parks, the highland plateaus of Dalarna and depending on the route, we can see Njupeskär, Old Tjikko and places of old settlements and altar places for the pilgrims.

Trained guidies and equipment

Guides certified with Wilderness First Responder and/or First Aid and high local knowledge. Of course, all the necessary equipment for driving dog sleds


On our tours, the camera is almost always with you so that you can also frame your memories. Of course, we put it aside if you wish


If you fly in via Scandinavian Mountains Airport, we will help you with transfers. Please email your flight number in connection with booking.

If you are coming by car, we will send out information about the meeting place a few days before departure

Make your reservation online

Select the date that is available. After that, you choose the number of people who will come along. If you want to go on your own sled, you tick it off as an extra for those who want it. A sled holds a maximum of 2 adults (approx. 240 kg load).

We also reserve the right to distribute the guests according to what is best for the tour. However, we do not combine different companies.

If you want to opt for cancellation protection, then choose according to how many people you book, one cancellation protection=1 person

Guider, Mushers

Ludwig Lind

Owner and CEO since 2002. Musher, Photographer, Guide, certified Wilderness First Responder

Born and raised in Sälen, from three generations of entrepreneurs in tourism and guiding. Started dogsledding at the age of eight and has been doing it ever since. "What I love about Fjälläventyr is how it connects nature, animals and likeminded adventurers. Trying something new keeps us young... and bold!"

+46 280 210 11

Björn Olsson

Guide / Bike Coach, Certified WFR, WRT Pro

Passionate musher and adventurer in winter turns avid mountain biker in summer, Björn has been on bikes since he could walk. Newfound love of packrafting and all forms of white water shenanigans.

+46 280 210 11


Frequently asked questions and how to prepare


Our tours may change depending on the weather. We always try to drive where you get the most out of your days on the mountain.
On Fulufjället, Vedungsfjället, Sälenfjällen or Femunden in Norway. We therefore always give information about the meeting place in connection with the start date of the tour. We expect you to have your own car and follow us to the starting point for the dog team itself. Expect 15 minutes up to 1.5 hours from Sälen.


Depending on where the tour starts, we will get back to you on where we need to meet in the morning. We therefore suggest that you check into accommodation the night before. Feel free to contact us about tips on accommodation and before your tour we will keep in touch about where and when the tour starts.


Some preparation is required before our long trips. Remember to be out at least 2 weeks in advance if you want to ensure a place. Our tours fill up quickly so it is wise to be out in good time.



Yep, on our tours you drive the dog team yourself. There is nothing to worry about, everyone is a beginner and it is enough that one per sled can drive. It is also possible to book your own team where you can drive alone.


Everything is relative, but the speed is completely dependent on the weather conditions. Dog sledding can certainly be a fast-paced activity, but also an experience where you push through new terrain where no one has gone before. The speed is between 10 – 25 km/hour, which feels fast when you are standing so close to the snow.


Our dogs start their training early in the fall and can manage to walk several miles a day. It is actually the case that the dogs feel the absolute best when they get to work. In kilos, we usually say that the dogs pull half their body weight or a maximum of 240 kg/sled.


Most people who come to us have never dogsledded before. You need to be physically healthy and not suffer from any skeletal or muscle injuries that would have prevented you from skiing, for example, slalom. Otherwise, we will thoroughly review before departure how you drive and what is required.


It is individual and we would like to point out that dog sleds can entail certain risks. It is about as dangerous as skiing down hill and if you feel unsure, you can let us know your condition when you book and you can either go with the guide. If you have an arm or leg injury, we encourage you to always sit in the sled. Should you have a back injury, it may be a better idea to drive. The trails we drive on can be bumpy, but if you keep your speed down, there are usually no problems.


In connection with your confirmation, you will also receive an invoice for your tour. Your booking becomes valid when the invoice is paid.


We drive regardless of the weather, but adapt the tour to prevailing weather conditions. Snow, wind and cold are part of our everyday life and give the trip a different dimension that may be what you appreciate the most. Remember to use a balaclava or similar for your face and have enough space in your shoes. Of course always avoid cotton closest to the body and front of the feet. A wool sock is usually enough if the shoe has enough room! For warm and professional wilderness clothing, please visit our webshop


Dress according to the weather. Remember to bring a balaclava or similar for your face and have enough space in your shoes. Wool or synthetic underwear is a must, always avoid cotton close to the body and on the feet. A wool sock is usually enough if the shoe has enough room! Feel free to use shoes with proper insulation, thermal comfort is more important than being adapted to walking long distances in. Since we live in a tent, a removable indoor shoe is recommended. Of course, we have a hat on our heads and it can be nice to have two pairs of gloves, a pair to work in and a pair of mittens. For warm and professional wilderness clothing, please visit our webshop

  • Water bottle
  • Mug/cup, plate and cutlery for outdoor use
  • Knife
  • Headlamp
  • Hygiene products
  • Towel/swimwear
  • Travel sheet or sleeping bag for sleeping bag
  • Sunglasses/goggles possibly sun protection factor
  • Extra underwear, socks and underpants
  • Possibly stronger drinks 

    We will also contact you to go through your equipment a few weeks before departure.

Which insurances apply?

Check which accident insurance applies to you and what is covered by your home insurance. If you should be on a business trip or conference, check with your client.

We have a travel guarantee put through kammarkollegiet

I have signed cancellation protection, which applies?

See the section on cancellation här