Scandinavian Mountain Hiking

Backpacking should be relaxing, fun and a bit adventurous. With the right gear and knowledge the first hike can really be addictive, the stillness and beauty of mother nature is something everyone should experience. And there is a special feeling to coze down in a warm sleeping bag and fall asleep to the sound of almost nothing after a day’s walk. Choose to explore the outback on your own or bring a guide if you wish to learn to thrive on the hike, we rent all the gear you need and are happy to show you how it works.

Our guided backpacking treks are great for beginners, you meet new people and learn lots of great knacks about hiking, and give you the confidence you need to start hiking on your own.

For self-guided backpacking, we rent and sell state-of-the-art gear from top producers and we have selected an assortment combining strength, durability and low weight, gear to trust for years to come if you choose to purchase something from us.

Welcome to the outdoors!

Rent the gear for your self guided hike

Rent your backpacking home from us and disappear for a while!

Guided mini hike with camping

Never been hiking before? Join us on a mini hike with your home in the backpack and learn the basics of outdoor living!

Rent a four legged hike buddy

Bring a furry friend on your hike, rent a husky and bring even more joy to the camp!

3 day guided Fulufjället National park hike

Discover the unique flat top mountain of Fulufjället together with likeminded people and an experienced guide. Hike, set up camp i the wild and learn more about nature and outdoor living for three relaxing days far from cell reception and traffic jams.

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