Rock climbing introduction

We welcome you to our base at Fjällvägen 27 where we start with testing out the climbing gear before heading to the climbing location, using your own transportation or booking it through us. We park within walking distance of a cliff that we will use as a base to go through basic rope handeling, safety systems, equipment and climbing techniques. For security you hare secured in a so-called top rope. That means that you are fasten in a rope that is on top off the cliff and attached in a guide.

Climbing is a soothing sport with a high focus on the present. All the worries and thoughts of everyday life’s problems are like blown away on the cliff. The climbing excursion we offer is suitable for adventurers from 10 years. When you start to get a bit tired in your muscles we eat a suitable lunch which is included in this package.

After lunch, tired muscles may have regained strength and we give the mountain another chance. With some hours of climbing, it can be nice with a dip – will find a lake with a jumping tower on the way home.

A cozy day where we spend time, learn something new and also get some exercise.

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Ludwig Lind

Owner and CEO since 2002. Musher, Photographer, Guide, certified Wilderness First Responder

Born and raised in Sälen, from three generations of entrepreneurs in tourism and guiding. Started dogsledding at the age of eight and has been doing it ever since. "What I love about Fjälläventyr is how it connects nature, animals and likeminded adventurers. Trying something new keeps us young... and bold!"

+46 280 210 11

Ida Thomstad

Guide, Certified WRT Pro

Grew up in a military family with love for adventure. Survival in the wild, climbing and all type of skiing has been a big part of my life.


Common questions and answers


Our guides are passionate, professional, have long experience and local knowledge of your destination. We make sure all the logistics around your journey go as smoothly as possible and ensure that your time is not spent on the wrong things. Fjälläventyr has provided a statutory travel guarantee to the Kammarkollegiet.


Dress in stretchy clothes – pants or shorts and t-shirt work well to climb in. Sunglasses can be nice if it’s allot off sun, extra jacket and rainwear is something you should have in your backpack. Water and some chocolate or similar to keep the blood sugar up.

For warm and professional wilderness clothes, please visit our webshop

What should I bring?

outdoor clothes, sunglasses, water, snacks, backpack


We customize our trips and excursions for the best ability according to weather. Some activities may be delayed due to weather.


We welcome children from 10 years in the keeper’s company to climb. Younger children can join, but not climb themselves.

travel insurence?

It is important that you keep track of your own travel insurance as well as your medical card which you can order from the Scocial Insurance Office-

We have travel guarantee insurence at Kammatkollegiet.