Iceclimbing in Sälen

Ice climbing is a sport where you quickly learn the basics to get started. And as with many other things, Sälen is a good place to start. Ice is constantly changing and creating new forms, which gives also experienced climbers new challenges in the same area. Fantastically beautiful formations, to challenge and to manage an ice wall creates both adrenaline and endorphin – an incredibly strong sense of mastering both height and technique.

We start the day by going through equipment, technique and a short brief about the difference between types of ice. As we approach the ice wall, we put on equipment and practice different ways of walking with the crampons under our feet and also test our axes before we start to climb to the top. We take a lunch break by the fire and then we continue for a while. This is a day to learn something new and different, enjoy nature or just get a break from skiing.

You have to bring your own alpin boots or rent from Kaisers.

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Cancellation insurance?

We recommend you to ad a cancellation insurance when booking your adventure with us. The cancellation insurance gains you the right to cancel the event up until 24 hours before the event/activity starts, under the condition that you were unable to participate in the activity the actual date due to sickness, injury, or worse of you, a family member, or a traveling companion. Please read our booking conditions here

Our Instructors

Ludwig Lind

Owner and CEO since 2002. Musher, Photographer, Guide, certified Wilderness First Responder

Born and raised in Sälen, from three generations of entrepreneurs in tourism and guiding. Started dogsledding at the age of eight and has been doing it ever since. "What I love about Fjälläventyr is how it connects nature, animals and likeminded adventurers. Trying something new keeps us young... and bold!"

+46 280 210 11

Ida Thomstad

Mountain guide, Certified WRT Pro

Grew up in a military family with love for adventure. Survival in the wild, climbing and all type of skiing has been a big part of my life.


Frequently asked questions

Where do we meet?

We start our day at Fäbodvägen 10. We try out the gear and get the crampons to fit your ski boot.

What do I wear?

Dress with layers and avoid cotton closest to your body. A warm sweater an insulated jacket is nice to have between climbing. Thin gloves + mittens are recommended.

Please bring your own skiboots as we know that they will cause you least uncomfort during the day.

What do i need to bring?

Besides your own clothing:

-Extra water
-Some sweets is often nice
-Sunglasses could be nice as extra comfort and safety

What about the weather?

We adapt the tour to the weather situation but we generally don’t cancel any tours.

Can kids join?

We welcome kids from the age of 12.