Fjälläventyr -more than dogsledding

We want to introduce adventures in a fun, easily accessible and safe way. Our goal is to lower the threshold for you in a way that the adventure feels both closer and clearer. We guide all year round, starting from Sälen but also take you as far as your courage and experience will let you. Because even though our job is to educate and show the way, it is up to you to take the steps. Here you will find some of our popular trips and activities. But of course we are open to your suggestions and can tailor your dream trip.

Two day hike with camping

Get some tips from experienced guides and enjoy sunsets first row. All gear inclusive

Iceclimbing in Sälen

Ice climbing is a great combination of exercise, technique and overcoming fears. And of course – there will be hot dogs and a fire!

Discover Fulufjället National Park backpacking

Enjoy a hike through the unique high mountain plateau, visit Sweden’s highest waterfall, see the worlds oldest tree and enjoy a swim in one of the mountain lakes. Then sleep peacefully in a tent by the shore.

Climbing Introduction

Climbing is a soothing sport with a high focus on the present. All the worries and thoughts of everyday life’s problems are like blown away on the cliff. The climbing excursion we offer is suitable for adventurers from 10 years. When you start to get a bit tired in your muscles we eat lunch cooked over a fire or a stove.

Three days of Dogsledding

A real adventure in the National park of Fulufjället

Learn the freedom of Packrafting

Go on a guided trip, get to know the adventures made possible by a light and portable packraft.