Adventure week in Sälen

This summer we welcome you to an adventure week in Sälen, which is especially suitable for families, but also for those who are eager to learn something new and enjoy the mountains. Rafting, climbing, mountain biking or why not try a night in a tent?

Surrounded by beautiful environments and like-minded, this may be the odd adventure that you both remember and laugh about for a long time to come. Mountain trails that long to being cycled, rapids that just have to be paddled and sunsets that are experienced from first row, while the food boils ready at the gas stove. Everything tastes better outdoors.

We have put together a proposal for a week with some of our most popular activities. Replace, add or run exactly as we suggest. In our example, no transport is included, but of course we are happy to help you on site  as well as with shuttling to Gardermoen or some of Sweden’s largest cities.

This will be a week where we let nature and animals help us relax, learn something new, but above all – laugh with like-minded people.


Day 1 - Tent night

We meet at our store Nordic Adventure (Fäbodvägen 10), where we go through equipment and pack our bags for a night outdoors. There are plenty of cozy excursion destinations in Sälen, but also Sweden’s tallest waterfall or the world’s oldest tree is worth a visit.

Let the weather and wishes decide. With a backpack home you will get first row for a sunset that we enjoy while dinner is cooked over the gas stove. All equipment is included and with an experienced guide you will learn a lot of tricks on camp life

Day 2 - MTB Course

The day begins with taking down the camp site and returning to civilization. After lunch, the day continues on the MTB bike saddle. Our courses are aimed at both beginners and medium cyclists. We will go through the technique, equipment and what should be included in a MTB rider’s backpack. It will be an afternoon with many tips and tricks that will trim your development curve.

Day 3 - Mountain or park MTB riding

With yesterday’s course fresh in mind, we head for the mountains. Lunch is included and cooked over an open fire. Expect about 4 hours of cycling. This is also a day that could be spent in the bike park if you want. With a lift pass you get the altitude meters free of charge. Of course, we are there and make sure you get the most out of your cycling. After a day in the mountains, a warm sauna will be welcome or why not treat yourself to a little pool-spa in Experium’s sauna world?

Day 4 - River rafting

We go to Trysil and let our legs rest in the rubber raft. Expect a full day with rafting and lunch along the river.

Day 5 - Mountain hike with dog companion

Take a relaxing beautiful mountain hike. If you book at least three other activities, you also get the offer to borrow a dog from us for free. Bringing a dog often motivates all family members to get out and up the mountain

Day 6 - Climbing

We meet at our facility to pack equipment for a day on the mountain. Rock climbing is about focus and overcoming their imagined limitations. We introduce to the sport and teach you how rope knots and other equipment work. Lunch is cooked over an open fire and on the way home often a dip in a lake is recommended. When you have dared to rock climbing, perhaps you also dare to jump from a tower into the lake?



We provide most of the equipment you need. Before your trip, we will send a packing list for personalized equipment and clothing.



Part in accommodation for 5 nights, one night in a tent.
Please inquire if you would like to stay in a single room.


5 breakfasts
5 lunches
1 dinner

Other meals are NOT included, but we are happy to help you with suggestions.


Transportation is not included in the package but can be added. Email us your wishes.


Guides with local knowledge and medical training.


We visit beautiful nature areas and on some tours we also go to Sweden’s highest waterfall and the world’s oldest trees.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why go with Fjälläventyr?

We have experienced guides and instructors that will help you get the most out of your stay. We take care of  logistics surrounding your stay and make sure time is not spent on the wrong things.

How do I dress?

The mountain weather is really unreliable so it is important to be prepared. Dress according to the layer-by-layer principle and avoid cotton closest to your body. A warm sweater and rain jacket can be nice in the evening. Choose boots with slightly higher shaft or coarser sneakers. Swimwear is nice to have, sometimes we find a sauna in the mountains, and do not forget the sun block, as well as insect repellent. Sunglasses and sunshade cords can be good to use.

Check out our store Nordic Adventure if you need to gear up.

What to bring?

We always recommend that you bring your own equipment as it usually feels most comfortable. You can always pre-book a bike or equipment for fishing.

Water bottle
Mug / bag, plate and cutlery for outdoor use
Hygiene products
Towels / swimwear
Bedding / sleeping bag comfort -4 degrees
Indoor shoes/slippers
Sunglasses & possibly some sun block creme
Mosquito repellent
Extra first layer, socks and underwear
Possibly stronger drinks, !!!

Check out our store Nordic Adventure if you need to gear up.

What if the weather is bad?

We adjust the tour so even in bad weather you will get a good experience. We do not cancel our trip but may do some minor alterations.

Can kids come along?

We welcome kids from the age of 6, in company with a parent.

Travel insurances?

Well, to tell you the truth, you travel at own risk. That means that you might have to check your own accidental insurances and if you are traveling with a corporate group, check with your boss how you are covered.

We have travel warranty insurance with the colleagues of chambers 

Can I change the week set-up / activities?

Of course! Choose what you think is fun and if you want to go biking or camping the entire week – let’s do that. Here you have the prices:

  • MTB Cycling – 3h 650 SEK or 6h 1150 SEK (bike and equipment included)
  • Climbing in Äldalen – SEK 1195 / full day incl lunch and a swim on the way home
  • Tent night with guide – SEK 1150 / person
  • Family rafting in Trysil – SEK 1295 / person.
  • Excursion to Njupeskär with hiking to the world’s oldest trees. SEK 395 / person for guide, lunch and coffee