Packrafting adventures

A packraft is a small, inflatable dinghy style boat. It only weighs a few kilograms and is easy to carry with you in the bag or on the handlebars of your bike, yet it’s stable and durable enough to take you safely through epic adventures in the wilderness! And the best part, it’s really fun to paddle.

Since the packraft is lightweight, durable, ultra portable yet stable and easy to maneuver, it’s the perfect tool to use when exploring creeks, rivers and lakes around Sälen. On our guided packraft tours we mix paddling with a bit of hiking to get to the most beautiful creeks and views. We inflate the boats in minutes with the included airbags. and we float and paddle along meandering, flowing streams. The brave guests are welcome to try some easier rapids, the packraft is stable and durable enough for white water rafting. Choose a full day of packrafting if you wish to ease into the sport, or tag along for an overnight tour if you wish to maximize the adventure. This tour can be made with bikes as well, get in touch for more info!

Packraft Rental: If you wish to teach yourself, or travel light and know your way around a packraft, you can rent one from us in Sälen. You can book for one day online or get in touch for longer durations.

Full day tour: We meet at in Lindvallen at 10AM and go through the gear, then we head towards the starting point. We paddle for a few hours and break for lunch when people start feeling hungry. Expect to be back around 4-5PM.

Overnight tour: We meet at Lindvallen at 10AM and go through the rafts and camping gear, there is a lot to get right! Then we drive to the starting point and get going, depending on the group ambitions and the conditions for the day we might start with a hike to get to were we want to enter the river. We break the tour for lunch when people start getting hungry, then continue paddle our rafts until evening sets and it’s time to pitch the tents or hammocks. We cook dinner together and tell tales of the day’s adventures around the bonfire before crawling down in our sleeping bags to get a good night’s sleep. As day breaks we enjoy breakfast and break camp for some more rafting. Expect to be back around noon.


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Questions & Answers

What gear do I need?

We supply you with all specific gear needed, but be sure to check the clothing list below!

How should I dress?

Durable outdoor clothes for the expected (and unexpected) weather, including a dry set for when you fall in the water!

Choose a wool base layer if temperature is low. There is a drybag included for your gear. A pair of durable or even expendable shoes that dont mind getting soaked could be nice to bring. Sunglasses and a cap if the sun is out, and a waterproof jacket for when it rains.

What if the weather is bad?

We adapt the tour to the current weather conditions but normally don’t cancel.


Can I bring my kids?

Youngsters from around the age of 11 are welcome, accompanied by an adult.

Whee do we meet?

If nothing else is said, we meet at our store and outfittery Nordic Adventure in Lindvallen, Sälen. See map at bottom of page.

It seems to include food, what can I expect?

We offer meals to match the group and the adventure. It might be a hot dogs over a fire, or a quick but scrumtious dry food lunch from REAL or just sandwiches if we want to stay focused on the activity. But we love to cook, and on the e overnight tours we cook the meals together from scratch over open fire or gas burner depending on the current situation and regulations.  Naturally, we adapt the menu to your preferences, limitations and allergies.


Ludwig Lind

Owner and CEO since 2002. Musher, Photographer, Guide, certified Wilderness First Responder

Born and raised in Sälen, from three generations of entrepreneurs in tourism and guiding. Started dogsledding at the age of eight and has been doing it ever since. "What I love about Fjälläventyr is how it connects nature, animals and likeminded adventurers. Trying something new keeps us young... and bold!"

+46 702 64 09 21
+46 280 210 11

Björn Olsson

Mountain guide/ Bike Coach, Certified Wilderness First Responder

Passionate musher and adventurer in winter turns avid mountain biker in summer, Björn has been on bikes since he could walk. Loves the big climbs because they lead to epic descents, and to get new people hooked on riding bikes in the outback.

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+46 280 210 11

Don Mcgillicuddy

Mountain guide

The Globetrotter of the bunch is originally from Canada and has managed an off-the-grid fishing lodge on Fulufjället for 15 years. "During low season I grab a pack and my passport and head out into the world. I love to pack light and experience new cultures on my time off."

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Emma Vallin

Mountain Guide

A musher since childhood, Emma's confidence gives a calm peacefulness to the dogs and guests on the mountain. As a bonus, she's a pro at operating heavy machinery.

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Ida Thomstad

Mountain guide

Grew up in a military family with love for adventure. Survival in the wild, climbing and all type of skiing has been a big part of my life.


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