Outdoor plan and prep

The mountains offer a wide spectrum of colors, temperatures but also challenges depending on which season you choose. What do YOU need to prepare for? How do you cook and when can you drink the water? It’s not entirely obvious and just because you’re standing there in your brand new hiking equipment, it’s not certain that you really know how to use it. For example, you don’t want to start your mountain hike week with chafing feet, dung-soaked equipment or tent pegs that are not suitable for the season.

We want to make your mountain trip a wonderful and healthy experience, but above all we want to focus on tips, knowledge and making a safer mountain hike. We can also add accident scenarios, create a night camp without tents or how to take care of your friend who has fallen into water. Together with your family or friends, this experience will be a combination of fun reflections between you, many useful tips and some lovely days in the mountains. Why not end the mountain tour in one of our mountain cabins with access to a sauna and a well-prepared dinner with good drinks?


Make your first night in a tent on the mountain to an unforgettable experience. With our knowledgeable guides, the first trip will be a memorable and wonderful trip without stress and together with like-minded people. We go through the equipment needed, we pack together and you get tips and advice on how best to carry and walk. Then we go out on the mountain together. We navigate with map and compass to a lovely place where we cook our lunch over an open fire or on the flame of the gas stove. When we have rested our feet for a while, we continue our trek towards the destination, a beautiful place to put up our tents for the night. We help out to fetch water, set up the tents and start cooking our evening meal. Maybe we have found a place to make a fire, then we will cozy up through the evening in the glow of the flames. If the weather is against us, we huddle in the tents and let the patter of the rain against the canvas lull us into well-deserved sleep. In the morning we enjoy breakfast and coffee before breaking camp.

Day 1: We gather at our store in Lindvallen. Here we go through the equipment and pack our backpacks. Our guides help to choose the right things for the trip and you have the opportunity to buy clothes if there are any missing. When the bags are packed, we set off to the starting point for our hike.

Day 2-3: We wake up in our tents, get up and stretch and get started with breakfast. When we are warmed by the morning coffee and full from the food, it is time to put down our night camp and continue our tour. Practice makes perfect and things that on day 1 felt difficult become easier and easier with each attempt. Making a fire with kindling or setting up a tent will be child’s play for you. We recommend that you spend the last night in one of our mountain cabins. While the sauna heats up, you can enjoy getting your clothes dried by the fire with a glass of hot beverage in your hand. The soft beds have never felt so comfortable.

Return home: After breakfast we begin our trek back to civilization and we expect to be back around 1:00pm.

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The mountain weather is really unreliable so make sure to always bring a water resistent shell. Multiple layers and always avoid cotton closest to your skin. A wind jacket is a lighter jacket that helps keep in warmth when windy. Try to bring high cut hiking boots or walking boots. Shorts when it’s hot and hat and finger gloves when it’s not. Eyewear, sunscreen and repellent and you are good to go!

When booking this adventure we will send you a more detailed packing list



We adjust the tour so even in bad weather you will get a good experience. We do not cancel our trip but may do some minor alterations.


We welcome adventurers from the age of 15 on this trip

We meet at our store in Lindvallen