Two day hike with camping

Make your first night in a mountain tent an unforgettable time! Our skilled guides makes sure everyone get to enjoy a pleasant hike without stress and with likeminded people. We start by going through the gear, we pack our bags together and go through what to bring and what’s best left at home, how to load the backpack and how to carry it. Then it’s time to hit the trail. We navigate with map and compass to a beautiful spot and cook lunch over open fire or with the gas stoves we brought. When we have rested our feet for a while and are happy and fed, we continue walking towards the camp site. We pitch our tents, collect water from a nearby stream and start cooking the evening meal. If conditions allow we make a fire and tell stories until night is upon us, if the weather is bad we cozy down in our tents and let the sound of rain put us to sleep. In the morning we enjoy breakfast before packing down the camp. Without leaving a trace we head back towards civilization with a longing to get back out there again, with our home on our back and the map in our hand.

Day 1: We meet at our Outdoor store Nordic Adventure, Fäbodvägen 10. Here, we go through the gear and pack our backpacks. Our guides help you sort out what to bring and there is a chance to buy the things you’re missing. When the backpacks are ready we hit the trails!

Day 2: We wake up in our tents, get dressed and get going with preparing the breakfast. When the morning coffee has warmed our core and the we’ve eaten all the food, we pack down the camp and head back to civilization arriving around lunch time.

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Whats included?


We use top-of-the-line kit. Sleeping bags from Sea to Summit, tents from Bergans, Helsport and Fjällräven, backpacks from Vaude and Lundhags, stoves and utensiles from GSI and Jetboil. You will get an extensive packing list for your personal kit.


Part in tent 1 night, all sleeping gear provided by us.



1 lunch
1 dinner
1 breakfast

Transfer and Shuttling

We provide necessary transportations if/when needed

Experienced guides

We provide professional guides with experience and knowledge of the area and nature, and of course first aid training.

Scenery and Sites

We hike through old forests and the high mountain plateau of Sälen with a rich geological and botanical heritage.

Q&A - get prepared

Why travel with Fjälläventyr?

We have experienced guides and instructors that will help you get the most out of your stay. But also our trips cherry picks the best out of our parts. Please inform us any interrests or special demands that you have that might give your trip added value.

How do I dress?

The mountain weather is really unreliable so make sure to always bring a water resistent shell. Multiple layers and always avoid cotton closest to your skin. A wind jacket is a lighter jacket that helps keep in warmth when windy. Try to bring high cut hiking boots or walking boots. An extra sweater in a back pack and don’t forget swimming suits. Shorts when it’s hot and hat and finger gloves when it’s not. Eyewear, sunscreen and repellent and you are good to go!

What to bring?

Please us an ordinary backpack, no smaller than 40 liters for mutual gear.

  • Extra underwear and socks
  • Eye protection for sun
  • Sunblock
  • Repellent
  • Flashlight or headlamp
  • Cutlery/deep plate(bowl)/cup
  • Knife
  • Swimwear
  • Boots for indoor
  • Hygien products and medicins
  • Sleeping bag, comfort -4 degrees c

For more equipment or clothing please go to

What if it's bad weather

We adjust the tour so even in bad weather you will get a good experience. We do not cancel our trip but may do some minor alterations.

Can minors join?

We welcome kids all ages in the care of an adult.


Well, to tell you the truth, you travel at own risk. That means that you might have to check your own accidental insurances and if you are traveling with a corporate group, check with your boss how you are covered.

We have travel warranty insurance with the colleagues of chambers