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Rent the finest bikes in Sälen, perhaps even Sweden. We have a wide assortment of trail bikes to rent; full suspension rigs for epic backcountry explorations, aggressive hardtails for charging trails as well as the pump track, and full suss e-bikes for long fun rides.

Included in the rental is a helmet but you can also select and rent additional protection.

Please use the calendar below for booking your equipment. Make sure to choose right date, time and pickup location. Please feel free to ask us for some valuable  tips and spots for your riding day

1. Choose date and pickup/return place

2. Choose bike


3. Choose extras


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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I pick up the gear?

When you make your booking, you choose where to pick up and drop off your equipment. You can choose to pick up at Fäbodvägen 10 in Lindvallen or at Högfjällshotellet, and you can choose to drop off the gear at either place. However, make sure to be in time for pickup and drop off as we might keep closed during mid-day.

Whats should I wear?

The weather in Sälen changes through out the day, so it’s important to be prepared when you’re out riding. Dress in layers and avoid cotton as a base if it’s at all cold or chilly. Bring a backpack with an extra jacket or sweater in case you wish to take a break or suffer a mechanical on the mountain. Choose shoes with a flat sole, like skateshoes or basketball sneakers rather than trail running shoes as the flat soles offer more grip on the pedals. Or bring your own bike shoes and add clip in pedals when you rent!

In any way, you will get back home with dirty and wet shoes, or you’ve missed out on some good riding!

I am a newbie, what modell should I choose?

Please start with deciding what kind of tracks you are looking to ride.

Hard tails – no suspencion at the rear. This will give you more motion forward and is perfect for prepared tracks and gravel roads where the main focus is exercise.

Full suspension – a the name says, this bike will take you where the trail is rougher, focus might be going faster downhill or even ending up in a bike park with lifts.

E-bikes – electrical assisted bikes when you want to see more of the mountain.

All bikes above is equipped with a dropper post which means that you can lower the seat by a lever placed on the steering – perfect for quickly lowering the saddle when the tracks turns downhill.

Dirt bike – a bike for improving technical skills as gaining speed by pumping or pushing through a burm, practicing bunnyhops and jumps or turning the bike just using the front wheel. This bike is a perfect bike for just having fun a few hours in the pump track.

What size do I choose?

Please see each bike for a size chart and recommendation.

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