Singletrack in Slovenia

Join us for an unforgettable trail riding tour in Slovenia! You will evolve as a rider while having the chance to learn something new – river kayaking in one of Europe’s most beautiful waters!

The Slovenia bike tours are aimed at those learning to ride mountain bike trails and wish to evolve their riding, and in the process meet new people and hang out. We travel in small groups and keep the tempo at a comfortable level while pushing your limits forwards to make you a better rider for when you return home. We’ll give you some helpful tips on what to practice before the tour starts.

Slovenia is a bit of a hidden gem. Wedged between Italy and Austria, the small country offers both mediterranean coastline and high alpine terrain. and an abundance of narrow and scarcely trafficked trails. Mountainbiking is huge in Slovenia but the trails aren’t nearly as worn as in other parts of the alpes and our guides knows where to find the best terrain for the day. During the week we’ll experience rocky high alpine trails that move through dense forests and through the vineyards in the valley floor.  We use shuttles to get a bit up hill and spend half the day in the saddle, after lunch we get ready for the next adventure; a begginers class in river cayaking three afternoons of the week.


Day 1

We pick you up at the airport in Venice and shuttle you to the lodge to unpack and rest up after the travel. If we feel for it, we take a short ride in the area to make sure bikes are in order.

Day 2

After breakfast we go to Bike Park Kranska Gora to ride a full day of down hill trails. This is the best way to get used to trail riding fast , and guides will be giving tutorials for those unused to riding down hill. We’ll leave the park prepared for the natural trails in Slovenia.

Day 3

Our guide picks us up and drives us to one of the magnificent trails in the area, we get some shuttle assistance on the way up but will be riding both up and down, After lunch we gear up for the next activity, a beginners course in white water kayaking.

Day 4

Like day three, bike riding before lunch and kayaking after. In the evening, we enjoy dinner in one of the restaurants in the village.

Day 5

Rest day or own activities! Riding and kayaking puts strain on the body, make sure to rest up with a day off. Take a hike, a calm ride, have a coffee in the village or do one of the many activities Bovec has to offer. There is canyoning, climbing, cave exploration and zip-line for the adventurous and lots of outdoor museums for the history buff.

Day 6

Guided mountainbike ride before lunch, and after lunch we take the last kayaking lesson.

Day 7

Last day of riding, we’ll make it a longer one than before and enjoy lunch along the trail. The afternoon is spent packing and we finish off with dinner together the last night.

Day 8

We return to the airport in Venice and fly home with new memories and friends.

travel guides

Ludwig Lind

Owner and CEO since 2002. Musher, Photographer, Guide

Born and raised in Sälen, from three generations of entrepreneurs in tourism and guiding. Started dogsledding at the age of eight and has been doing it ever since. "What I love about Fjälläventyr is how it connects nature, animals and likeminded adventurers. Trying something new keeps us young... and bold!"

+46 702 64 09 21
+46 280 210 11

Björn Olsson

Mountain guide/ Bike Coach

Passionate musher in the winter turns avid mountain biker in summer time, Björn has been on bikes since he could walk. Loves the big climbs because they lead to epic descents.

+46 768 81 33 30
+46 280 210 11

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What's included?

International flight

From Stockholm or Gothenburg, incl.  luggage.


Part of twin bedroom, (single room add SEK 2000)


Breakfast included 7 days.

Transfer & shuttling

Transfer to and from the airport and shuttling to trailheads and river

Professional guides

Guides with local knowledge and first aid training

Guided riding

1 full day of bike park including lift access
4 half days of guided riding incl. shuttling.

Q&A - Get Prepared

Where do we fly out?

Our trips to Slovenia departs from Oslo, Stockholm and Gothenburg. You will get detailed information of your flight when booking.

How do I dress?

Weather change fast in the mountains and it’s important to be prepared. Dress with layers and avoid cotton closest to your body. A warm sweater or rain jacket is practical to keep warm when we stop for breaks. Helmet is mandatory on all tours, thin gloves and knee pads are recommended.

What to bring?

Either you rent equipment or you’ll need a well serviced, functioning mountain bike for heavy trail use, preferably full suspension and rather durable than light. No-one likes being stranded on the mountain because the material fails.We recommend that you bring spares specific to your bike, like hanger, spokes etc. Durable tires are recommended, as is a back pack large enough to fit some spares, food pack, water and extra clothes.

What is expected of me?

You’re in good shape and used to spend some hours in the saddle for multiple days in a row. You enjoy pedaling uphill in a moderate tempo and wish to progress and get faster on the downhills. Yo have been to a bike park before as well as have ridden some natural trails with  roots, rocks and ruts but you also know when it’s time to swallow your pride and get off the bike rather than risking your health.

What happens if the weather is bad?

We adapt the riding to the conditions but we normally don’t cancel.

Is children welcome?

We welcome youngsters from age 16 in the company of a parent

What insurances apply?

Mountain biking is done at your own risk, please look over your insurance cover before making the trip.