Winter and Spring activities


Every group is unique. That´s why this is just a selection of the most popular teambuilding activities and corporate group events during winter and spring in Sälen. Use this merely as an inspiration, and let us help you tailor an unforgettable event with your group.

The prices does not include taxes!



….call it what you will, but this treasure hunt is one of our most popular activities, operational all year!

Your objective as a team is to gather points by punching some of the checkpoints, and solving problems on others.  Each chechpoint has a riddle, an obsticle or is just hard to reach but will give you different points. Equipped with a map, a GPS and a compass you will travel the beautiful highlands of Sälen. Stay together, on some stations your whole team will be needed! Keep an eye on the time, you will get a penalty for being late!

In addition to finding the checkpoints you can add, biking, caneoing, hightracks or in the winter cross-country skis!

Participants 20 – 500 persons

From 350 SEK/person. Time 2-3 hours


Make your own wilderness stew…  A perfect cooking event combined with Mountain Mission. The “Stew” is cooked over open fire and all ingredients are bought at a “market” with currency earned from the former activity. 

Time 2-4 hours

Participants 10 – 100 persons

From 450 SEK/person


Snow sculpturing

Combine creativity with cooperation as you shape the snow to amazing figures.

Time 1,5 hours

Participants 10 – 100 persons

From 550 SEK/person


Build a bob

Design and build a construction that slides and don´t break!

How well does your bob-sleigh manage in the slopes? It´s time to find out. In a race against the others you will see who has built the best bob-sleigh!

This is a great activity that combines good team spirit, communication and problem solving!

Time 2-3 hours

Participants 10 – 300 persons

from 450 SEK/person


The Vasalopp

Experience a homage to the worlds largest ski race. The event will take you from “Sälen” to “Mora” and on the way there is the traditionally blueberry soup. The first to cross the finish line gets a wreath over the neck, as a traditional symbol of victory.

Time 1 – 2 hours

Participants 10 -300 persons

From 350 SEK/person


Alpine events

King of the hill or two runs on the same time. There is a lot of different competitions to match your companies skills and preferences, together we will find the best event for your needs. 

Time 1 – 2 hours

Participants 10 -300 persons

From 350 SEK/person (not including skipass)


Biathlon is an amazing event combining endurance with precision.

As a speaker, former world champion Roger Westling will talk you through the event.

Time 1 – 2 hours

Participants 10 – 300 persons

From 550 SEK/person



Bow and Arrow, Clayshooting, Rifle… Let us put together the perfekt combination of weapons! 

Time 1 hour

Participants 6 – 50 persons

From 550 SEK

Winter activities


A beautiful and thrilling way to enjoy our highlands. You get to drive you own teams and we head up to one of the cabins on the mountain.

1,5 hour

680 SEK/person

2,5 hours

1 200 SEK/person

Participants 1-20 persons


Snowmobile safari

A fast way to get up on the mountain! It´s fun, it´s easy and everyone with a driving certificate are allowed to drive. You can be two people/machine.

1,5 hour

680 SEK/person

Participants 1-40 persons

2,5 hours

960 SEK/person

Participants 1-40 persons

3,5 hours

1 200 SEK/person

Participants 1-40 persons


A combination of dogsledding and snowmobile

Combine the two activities for the group that wants more in less time. After making it through half the trip you change transportation with the other part of the group.

1,5 hour (2 persons/snowmobile)

720 SEK/person

2,5 hour (2 persons/snowmobile)

1 200 SEK/person

Participants 12 – 40 persons

Eating out?

Combine snowmobile with ice-fishing

This is an relaxing activity where we head over a mountain to an isolated lake. All equipment for fishing is included and a nice idea is to also add a lunch outdoors!

Time 3-4 hours

1 800 SEK/person when one on each machine

950 SEK/person when two on each machine

Participants 10 – 50 persons


Dogsledding, Snowmobile safari or snowmobile-taxi to a mountain cabin for an excluded dinner

Experience the mountains at night or end your husky- or snowmobile tour at one of the cabins on the mountain for an excluded dinner. We serve local specialties or whatever you prefer. When its time to go home, you will safely go back in a snowmobile sled to your hotell or pickup-place. Dine in your under garment and get enjoy the midwinter skies!

Dogsledding to the restaurant 680 SEK/person

Snowmobile to the restaurant  640 SEK/snowmobile (max 2/snowmobile)

Participant 15-75 persons


Dinner at Storfjällsgraven

Fondue from 800 SEK/person

Three cours dinner from 800 SEK/person

Including transportation home


Middag Hemfjällstugan

Three cours dinner from 800 SEK/person

Including transportation home

Not including drinks!