Bernie the Smuggler

Bernie was not only known as the area's best pilot but also for carrying extra cargo. With the police breathing down his neck, Bernie was forced to dump some of his cargo and ina cunning matter, he created enigmatic keys to protect his hiding place. We have come across some of his clues and in this exciting competition it is your task to crack puzzles and missions to obtain these keys and unlock Bernie's old coffin.

This team building activity starts with an auction where you can buy tools and equipment that can be used in the next hunt. Step two is based on classic team building exercises and step three is a nail-biting hunt where the groups against each other will find the right combination that unlocks the coffin.

DifficultyYou can choose from Easy - Hard
Time2 - 3 hours
Price895 SEK/participant
Participants20 - 80
GearDress for weather and wind


Fastes skier or most even pace?

Archery and Axe throwing

Challange your colleagues

Bernie the Smuggler

Exciting team building where you solve puzzles to find keys


First you ski, then you shoot, ski, shoot....

Build a boat

Skapa ihop och be för att den flyter

Build a bob

Construct the fastest bob-sleigh in the group


Climbing introduction

Dogsled Tours – costumized

2,5 hour tour, all day tour or go with a dog sled from a wedding or to a mountain restaurant

Dogsled transfer from the airport

Start your adventure straight from the airport