Mountain Mission

A team activity where you and your team explore the area around the mountain managing different missions. With Mountain Mission, many stations are staffed and a bit more sophisticated.
Each person sits on unique experience and knowledge, the team that utilizes the best is usually what wins! We have therefore created an activity that challenges you all. We start with a map, compass or GPS as well as a backpack with highly unclear content. Now you will find different places where the "tools" in the backpack will be used. An exciting activity that attracts the winning skull in you with exercises that are both clever, require communication and suit everyone!

DifficultyUp to you!
Time2 - 3 hours
Pris690 kr/participant
Participants20 - 500
EquipmentDress according to weather


Fastes skier or most even pace?

Archery and Axe throwing

Challange your colleagues

Bernie the Smuggler

Exciting team building where you solve puzzles to find keys


First you ski, then you shoot, ski, shoot....

Build a boat

Skapa ihop och be för att den flyter

Build a bob

Construct the fastest bob-sleigh in the group


Climbing introduction

Dogsled Tours – costumized

2,5 hour tour, all day tour or go with a dog sled from a wedding or to a mountain restaurant

Dogsled transfer from the airport

Start your adventure straight from the airport