Adventure travel the way we like it

We have been traveling around the world with customized adventures for our groups for many years. Our skills are our experience and passion for sports, nature, culture, food, music and odd destinations. You will get to travel to exciting, exotic and thrilling new environments but the sherry on top is the people that you will be doing it with. On some trips the skill level is advanced and on others you just have to pay some attention to your instructors. But don´t worry, you will never feel like that one newbie amongst pro´s!

Let us just plant a seed or present you that trip that you are having a hard time convincing your crowd of joining. You don´t have to convince us of anything, we already know. So save that strength and focus for the mountain, the river, that trout or the team of dogs pulling you into the great white.

Balkan Rafting Adventure

Travel to Sarajevo and head out to National Parks, high ravins and turquoise river rafting

Scandinavian Highland Retreats

A weekend of cherry picking in the heart of Scandinavia