Ski To The Hills

A challenging competition in a highland setting, tough for body and mind! The course is made with three different levels of skills, green- red and black. All participants are divided into teams from their own physical ability, the teams sign up for a level they wish to compete in, and all teams start at the same time. Green groups start off at a course with short transports between hard brainy stations, challenging their ability to think and solve puzzles as a group. Red groups start with a slightly longer course, but the stations they are looking for are more technically difficult and hard to find. Black groups get what they signed up for! An endurance track with stations that has greater distance but is easy to find and with low challenge. Of course - all competitors uses cross-country skis to get around.
When a team has completed their own course, they are free to complete stations on the other courses to collect the points needed to win.

Stations vary from finding orienteering punches in the terrain, to solving puzzles, to group activites on manned stations, to slack lines and climbing. A wide variety of fun outdoor activities! This competition is designed for large groups and companies with participants in a broad range of physical ability and it lets the fitness experts compete against the brainiacs in conditions as even as possible through a carefully calculated points system.

The teams each gets a map with instructions and a backpack for carrying energy and spare clothes.

A great idea is to add extra energy and drinks for the participants! We have in the past done a carribean juice bar in the middle of the mountain plateau!

The price is based on a course at Högfjällshotellet, Sälen.

Difficulty Easy - moderate - advanced
Time 2-3 h
Price From SEK 850/person
Participants 100 - 500
Gear According to weather conditions


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