Booking Conditions

When booking an event/activity offered by Fjälläventyr, you will receive a confirmation. The received confirmation includes those activates, services, products, times and conditions agreed with Fjälläventyr. It also serves as your contract.


If you make your booking online, your reservation is confirmed by payment.

If you choose to pay by invoice, you will sent an confirmation that is due to be payed within 30 days but no later than 14 days before departure. In the event any payment due is not made on the due date, interest at the rate of 10 % in force at the due date, shall be due and accrue on any and all sums. Any additions or changes that occurs during your event, agreed between you and Fjälläventyr, will be invoiced 10 days afterwards.

Is it possible to cancel my booking?

Yes, upon written receipt received by Fjälläventyr no later than 4 weeks prior to your event, you will receive 70% of the value of your confirmed booking.

Cancellation insurance

Trip cancellation insurance is nearly universally available when purchasing a travel insurance policy. The benefit does exactly what it claims to do: those travelers who are forced to cancel their trip for a qualified reason may have their non-refundable fees reimbursed through a travel insurance claim. Those specific reasons may include (but are not limited to):

  • The death of the traveler, their travel companion, or an immediate family member.
  • An accidental injury immediately before or on the way to their departure
  • An Unforeseen natural weather occurrence at the destination(before being declared a “known event”)
  • A legal obligation that will interfere with the trip (such as being called for jury duty or as a witness in a trial).

However, missing from this list of commonly approved trip cancellation situations are many other life-changing situations, Employment obligations, unexpected life events (including pregnancy), and other personal situations are also excluded from traditional trip cancellation insurance benefits.

The insurance can only be added when booking the trip. In order to submit a claim through trip cancellation insurance, travelers must provide documented proof of the event taking place. Those who cannot provide documentation run the risk of having their claim denied. Fjälläventyr shall be provided the documentation no later than 14 days after departure.

Any cancellation insurance fees is non-refundable.

You may wonder?

When do we need to be there?

You have to be at the meeting point no later than 15 minutes prior to your event, unless otherwise agreed. If you are late, there is a risk of losing your place without any compensation from Fjälläventyr as there are no possibilities to wait for you.

Some of our events include dogs, people and weather and all of these must go hand in hand .Therefore we ask for your indulgence for any delays that may occur. We regret that in such cases we can’t pay any compensation.

Bad weather?

Some events are weather dependant. If we need to cancel your booked event due to adverse weather conditions, possible alternatives will be offered suitable to current conditions.


For your experience to be as successful as possible, we ask you to frequently monitor your email and be available on the phone number provided when booking. It is important that you check your booking confirmation as soon as you receive it. Any occurring errors must be corrected immediately.

Disability / Allergies?

You must mention any disability or allergies that may affect your event when making your reservation.

Compensation for Accidents?

Personal injury that occurs due to an accident during your event will be covered by your own insurance. Make sure to check with your insurance group prior to your event. You are liable for any damage to materials, vehicles, equipment etc caused by anyone in your company as an effect of negligence or intoxication. The deductible amount of a scooter is capped at SEK 8000 excluding all VAT per incident/scooter.

Disturbing behaviour?

If a complaint of disturbing behaviour is received by Fjälläventyr, we have the rights to immediately remove the guest from the event if behaviour is not improved after being reprimanded. In such case no refund will be paid.

Disagreements and photo rights?

If you have any complaints that arise during your event it should be reported to Fjälläventyr immediately. Complaints are primarily made directly to your assigned guide / instructor on site, complaints can also be done to Fjälläventyr´s booking office.

If you have failed to address any deficiencies during your stay, and therefore not given Fjälläventyr the opportunity to correct the deficiencies, you cannot subsequently claim any compensation.

If you still are not satisfied with offered compensation this shall then be notified in writing to Fjälläventyr, no later than 14 days after your event.

During your event/activity you might end up in a photo or film produced by Fjälläventyr. If you don´t agree to the material being used by Fjälläventyr to inspire others, please make sure to tell us in advance! All material collected by Fjälläventyr might be used for commercial use!

Offers and discounts

No offers or discounts can be combined with the online booking. Please send us an email if you want to use a discount or offer!

What happens with our contact details?

By paying, you agree that personal data may be processed by Fjälläventyr in accordance with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). The purpose of this is to facilitate customer administration. Fjälläventyr takes all necessary measures in act that are appropriate to ensure that your data is treated securely and in accordance with good practice.

Force Majeure?

Force Majeure means unusual, unforeseeable and unavoidable events beyond the organizers (Fjälläventyr) control that prevents the event from being completed or taking place.

Events that the organizer could not reasonably have foreseen when the contract or purchase was entered, and whose consequences the organizer could not reasonably have avoided or overcome.

Including but not limited to war, threat of war, riot, civil disobedience or strike, governmental action, acts of terrorism, natural or industrial disaster, volcanic eruptions, fires, severe weather conditions, the water level in rivers or floods, closure of airports and lifts etc. and can also include labour conflicts involving third parties, technical problems or maintenance problems or unforeseen operational decisions of air carriers such as changes in schedules or interruptions of the IT infrastructure (including but not limited to our website).